We'll be driving around the Check republic, Austria and Germany, so you better be extra cautious on those highways J >> Munich , Vienna, Ceske Budejovice

Latest video: Forgive the weather Paolo Barbato remix

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Toxine's been around for some 8 years now. We've had more than 50 gigs big and small. We've played on festivals, in small clubs and at exhibition openings. We like to cooperate with artist of all kinds so please don't hesitate to contact us, if what we do speaks to you.

Toxine’s Members:

  • Samo Turk - Guitars & Vocals
  • Tomi Toth - Vocals and Other Performing Arts
  • Žiga Fabbro - Synths, Saxophone and more
  • Aleš Zorec - Drums
  • Erik Čebokli - Bass

Listen to our latest album ‘Now O'Clock’

Toxine's approach is rooted in an ongoing stream of creation of exclusively original music, social commentary and an effort to ever more widen its channel of communication and expression.

Toxine Sells

Signature earplugs

Signature earplugs

These incredible signature earplugs have the extraordinary ability to filter the noises out ofthe spectre of sounds you hear. We all know that what is pleasant to some, can be annoying to others - the incredible part is that this great product is able to sense what you like and filter the audio environment accordingly. A must have for all serious lovers of music or the auditive sphere of existence in general.
Price: Write to us, we’ll prepare a deal you can’t refuse!
Album by Toxine

Album by Toxine

This is the newest album by Toxine. It contains (strangely) an amalgam of tunes that border to the extremely popular, yet at the same time extremely alternative concoctions that call for conceptual videos with intricate visual plots. Directors, call us!
Price: At this time we’ll give it away for free. Contact us below before the promotion ends

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